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(1) Measures V and U were passed by West Sacramento voters 11-4-2008, with 1/4% sales tax extended to year 2033.  The City maintains an accounting Fund (#109-9211) for Measure V spending.  Please provide an item by item (invoice by invoice) log of the spending from this account since 11-4-2008 to the present and the purpose for each spending amount (Streetcar project, flood control/levee costs, etc.)

(2)  In the 11-20-2013 City Council Agenda Report, Item #16, there is mention of a "framework to fund both projects" (streetcar and flood control).  Please provide a copy of that framework, which was prepared by the City Manager's Office, the Finance Division, and Public Works.

(3) On June 3, 2010 a special tax for the Bridge District was imposed via a Community Facilities District (CFD NO. 27). Please provide a continuous accounting of spending amounts from this tax, and all other spending from this CFD on the proposed Streetcar Project from June 3, 2010 to the present.



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